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Note: The service requires 1 credit to send a card to 1 recipient. Forwarding of ecard to other recipient/s or sending to an email address that contains a group of recipients may cause the card pickup to fail.

How To Send Your eCard?

  1. Login to your account
  2. Choose a card
  3. Click icon on the selected eCard
    1. Enter the name and email address of your recipients
    2. Enter your name and email address of the sender
    3. Enter your personalised message which display in the eCard as part of the animation or graphic
    4. Enter your email subject title, e.g. Wishing you a Merry Christmas
    5. Enter your email content, this is the content that your recipient will see in the email
    6. Click [Preview] to view the eCard before sending
  4. Click [Delivery eCard] to send the eCards

Choose eCards

Send different ecards to different group of recipients

You are not restrict to 1 ecard design. Choose from any of the ecards below and see your corporate logo embedded on it.

Christmas eCards Design (A World of Thanks)
A World of Thanks
Christmas eCards Design (Season
Season's Greetings
Christmas eCards Design (Our Heartfelt Thanks)
Our Heartfelt Thanks
Christmas eCards Design (Christmas Deer)
Christmas Deer
Christmas eCards Design (With Appreciation)
With Appreciation
Christmas eCards Design (A World of Infinite Possibilities)
A World of Infinite Possibilities
Christmas eCards Design (Santa Claus Is Coming)
Santa Claus Is Coming
Christmas eCards Design (A Joyous Holiday Season)
A Joyous Holiday Season

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